The 1939 Register

At the outbreak of World War II, the government urgently needed to know everything it could about the civil population of England and Wales. This information was to be key in the issuing of identity cards and ration books as well as organising conscription and, after the war, creating the National Health Service.

To gather this information, they took a National Register. On September 29th, 1939, the personal details - including names, dates of birth, occupations, marital statuses - over 41 million individuals were recorded. The register only included civilians, and excluded all members of the armed forces even when in their own homes.

Individualsí records remain closed for 100 years from their date of birth (100 year rule). Records remain closed for people born less than 100 years ago until proof of death is verified. Of the 41 million records, approximately 13 million (around 32%) will be closed at publication of the register. This means approximately 68% are open and can be viewed.

The Register was continually updated until 1991, meaning that anyone who was born less than 100 years and a day ago but died prior to 1991 have had their record opened automatically.

Consequently the register shows all those records for persons being born more than a hundred years ago and those who died between 1939 and 1991 or after 1991 if their deaths have been verified.

Of the 28 million records available, one would expect approximately .00223% to be Enevers, i.e, approximately 625. To date 571 have been found, including 123 mis-spelt.

My transcript indicates the data that I have been able to ascertain to date. The additional surname indicates the maiden names of females marrying between 1939 and 1991 as well as any subsequent marriages between those dates, in which case the surname column shows the last surname before 1991.NoH indicates the number of person in the household for which the records are open, whilst the closed number indicates the number of persons in the household for which the details can't be seen.

NOTE: - There appears to be a number of inconsistencies including known birth date or birth date recorded at death and the date recorded on the register, as well as incorrectly transcribed entries.

On the register there are incidents of data being corrected or expanded. For example Initials being amended to full Christian names, date of birth being amended, or a change of surname through marriage, many of which have the date that this change was recorded. When this has been found my notes indicate the change and date of change to give some idea of the timing of an event that caused the amendment. This data is bracketed on my index. I have also included data from the register's instruction column which shows information for personnel such as warden, first aider, nurse, retired military personnel in preparation for WW2. I have also included the spelling of surnames that have been mis-indexed to make it easier to get back to the original record.

Also there are a number of incidences where the person and date of birth is misaligned, consequently Find My Past's transcript contains the date of birth assigned to a person from the person above or below on the register.

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