WW1 Army Medals; WO372/6 & Mentioned in dispatches WO372/24

WO372/6 Service Medals & Award Roll

A ENEFER 3rd Royal Sussex Regiment G/27780 Private Silver
A P ENEFER Royal West Kent Regiment 30395 Private Silver stray
Albert ENEFER Royal Berkshire Regiment 24663 Private Victory, British
Alfred ENEFER Army Service Corps T/394505 Driver Victory 1493or 1498
Ally ENEFER Lincolnshire Regiment 202179 Private Victory, British 1870
Arthur ENEFER Essex Regiment 3838 & 251084 Private Victory, British 1501
Brian ENEFER Army Service Corps 943 Driver Silver
Brian Atkinson ENEFER Royal Engineers 322378 Sapper Victory, British 4223
Charles ENEFER Royal Engineers 59903 Master Sergent Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 4961
Edward ENEFER Essex Regiment Grenadier Guards 35808 & 32344 Private Victory, British 3446
Ernest Alfred ENEFER Leicestershire Regiment 58978 Private Victory, British 18498
Francis William ENEFER 1st West Yorkshire Regiment 9685 Corporal Victory, British, 1914Star + Clasp 4226
Frank Reginald ENEFER Machine Gun Corps 38856 Gunner Victory, British 3059
Frederick ENEFER Essex Regiment 3988 & 251184 Private Victory, British 3443
Frederick Robert ENEFER 6th South Staffordshire Regiment 3091 & 240636 Sergeant Victory, British 2803
Harry Victor ENEFER Essex Regiment 2765 &224539 Sergeant Victory, British 3435
Harry ENEFER Norfolk Regiment 3/7190 Private Victory, British, 1914Star 4227?
Harry ENEFER Essex Regiment 31628 Private Victory, British 3441
Harry Archibald ENEFER 16th Battalion, City of London Regiment 552391 Private Silver 2904
Harry Seymour ENEFER Royal Garrison Artillery 44542 Gunner Victory, British 6603
Henry Edward ENEFER 2nd Battalion North Staffordshire, West Riding Regiment 49311, 46137 8890 Private British 0193
Henry Alfred ENEFER Royal Army Medical Corp 1572 Private Territorial Force 4962
Horace Martin ENEFER Army Service Corps M2/020068 Acting Sergeant Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 4221
John ENEFER Essex Regiment, Gloucester Regiment 3079 & 6358 Private Victory, British 3434
John Jack ENEFER 2344Norfolk Regiment 9397 & 5763504 Private Victory, British 4229
L C ENEFER Army Service Corps T4/160676 Corporal Victory, British 4222
Percy Edgar ENEFER Hertfordshire Regiment, Northumberland Fusiliers, West Riding Regiment 6913, 6869, 203457 & 7055 Private Victory, British, Silver
Samuel C ENEFER Royal Engineers, Royal Artillery 299786 143954 Sapper Victory, British 2505
Samuel P ENEFER Royal Engineers 91380 Driver Victory, British 3254
Talbot ENEFER 3rd Battalion Lincoln Regiment, Northumberland Fusiliers 3/18174 66306 Private Victory, British 5885
William ENEFER Royal Field Artillery L/19259 Gunner Victory, British
William Robert ENEFER Grenadier Guards 19202 Lance Corporal Victory, British, 1914-1915Star, Silver 3059
Albert ENEVER Royal Field Artillery L/1165 Driver Victory, British 2671
Alfred ENEVER Royal Garrison Artillery 38820 Gunner Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 3798?
Alfred W ENNEW Army Ordinance Corps 05537 Victory, British, 1914-1915Star ---
Arthur Francis ENEVER 17th London Regiment 3902 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 10487
Charles ENEVER 7the Bde Royal Horse Artillery 25026 Driver Victory, British, 1914-1915Star + Clasp & Roses 3894
Bert ENEVER Royal Army Service Corps R/426084 Private Silver 3892
Charles ENEVER East Surrey 2164 Private Silver 3796
Charles B ENEVER Royal Engineers, 11th Leicestershire Regiment 187083 & 46719 Private Victory, British 0215
Charles T ENVOLDSON Prince of Wales, West Yorkshire 10992 Private Victory, British 1914-1915Star
Charles Robert ENEVER Royal Engineers 103891 Sapper Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 0171
Charles William ENEVER 17th London Regiment 3847 & 571541 Private Victory, British 10486
David H ENEVER Army Veterinary Corps SE/21338 Private Victory, British 3793
Ernest ENEVER Royal Irish Fusiliers, Royal Inniskilling Fusiliers 30029 & 32310 Private Victory, British
Ernest James ENEVER Welsh Regiment 51758 Private Victory, British 2669
Frank Alfred ENEVER 4th London Regiment, 1st London Fusiliers 2908 & 10213 2nd Lieutenant Victory, British, 1914-1915Star, Military Cross, Silver 1635
Frederick Charles ENEVER Royal Garrison Artillery 68593 Gunner Victory, British 1560
George Arthur ENEVER Bedfordshire Regiment, East Surrey Regiment 59021 & 51154 Private British 1555
H R ENEVER Queens Royal West Surrey 81253 Silver 2990
Harold J ENEVER Army Veterinary Corps SE/26292 Private Victory, British 2667
Herbert ENEVER Royal Field Artillery L/44853 Sergeant Victory, British 4280
Horace ENEVER York & Lancashire Regiment 235624 Private Victory, British 3422
James ENEVER Labour Corps 587179 Private Victory, British
James ENEVER Royal Engineers 158894 Sapper Victory, British
James ENEVER 36th Reserve Employment Corp 208911 9321
John Joseph ENEVER Royal Engineers, West Yorkshire Regiment 276456 & 238210 Pur? Victory, British 4313
Joseph ENEVER The Queens Regiment G/6164 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star, Silver 3730
Joseph ENEVER 4th Royal Fusiliers L/10293 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 5854
Joseph ENEVER 2nd Queens Regiment G/38310 Sergeant Victory, British
Robert ENEVER Middlesex Regiment, Suffolk Regiment, Royal Engineers 21730, 26257 & WR/28196 Private Victory, British
Robert Alfred ENEVER Royal Engineers 69273 Sapper Victory, British 3420
Robert H ENEVER Essex Regiment, Army Service Corps 3234 & S4/186282 Private Victory, British, Star1914-1915 3911
Thomas ENEVER East Surrey Regiment 24892 Private Victory, British 3794
Thomas Bower ENEVER Royal Artillery L/42924 Silver 6959
Thomas Charles ENEVER 3rd Hussars, 5th Royal Berkshire Regiment 18739 Lieutenant Victory, British 4334
Walter George ENEVER 13th Royal Fusiliers, Machine Gun Corps 5621 & 147628 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 3591
William ENEVER 47th Royal Fusiliers, 7th East Surrey, Labour Corps 40283, 6170, GS/140349 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 2545
William Frederick ENEVER Royal Field Artillery 61080 Sergeant Victory, British 0644
William George ENEVER Royal Engineers, Labour Corps 119263 & 294054 Sergeant Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 1648
William John ENEVER The Queens Regiment T/1605 & 240215 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star
William J ENEVER 9th Bde Royal Field Artillery 56762 Gunner Victory, British, 1914Star, Territorial Forces 3668
William Joseph ENEVER Queens Royal West Surrey L/7282 Victory, British, 1914Star + clasp 4331
William P ENEVER Army Veterinary Corps SE/33402 Private Victory, British 0202?
William T ENEVER Royal Engineers 277484 Silver 0213
William ENIFER Manchester Regiment, Border Regiment 42136 & 29675 Private Victory, British 2054
Charles ENNEVER Royal Garrison Artillery, Royal Engineers 88013 & 251720 Bombardier Victory, British 4035
Ernest H ENNEVER Kings Own Royal Lancaster, Royal Irish Rifles 1/4890 & G/1248 Private Victory, British, 1914Star, Silver 0414
Frederick ENNEVER Royal Engineers 290777 & W/R275461 Sapper Victory, British 3410
Frederick ENEW 16th Lancers, Corps of Lancers 16L/5274 & L/1344 Victory, British, 1914Star ---
Frederick James ENNEVER Army Service Corps M1/07490 Acting Corporal Victory, British, 1914Star 3264
Harry ENNEVER Northumberland Regiment, Labour Corps, Royal Artillery 35375, 85937 & 4996 Private Victory, British
Harry Wade ENNEVER Manchester Regiment 12325 Private Victory, British 2815
Henry Surgeon ENNEVER Royal Army Service Corps T/292772 Private Silver 0808
Horace Leonard ENNEVER London Regiment 322932 &5858 Private Victory, British 1883
James S ENNEVER Royal Engineers 229773 & WR/263785 Sapper Victory, British 1883
John ENNEVER Royal Army Medical Corps 76110 Private Victory, British
John Ernest ENNEVER 17th Battalion London Regiment 571543 Acting Corporal Silver 3414
John Frederick ENNEVER Rifle Brigade 46683 Private Victory, British 3510
John William ENNEVER Royal Field Artillery 147515 Driver Victory, British 0682
Joseph R ENEW Army Service Corps A/407044 Victory British ---
Oscar W ENNEVER Royal Engineers 16641 Sapper Victory, British, 1914Star + clasp & roses, Silver 3257
Samuel Frances ENNEVER Norfolk Regiment 7927 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 3909
Thomas William ENNEVER Royal Garrison Artillery 172359 Gunner Victory, British 4033
Vincent ENNEVER British West Indies Regiment 3388 Sergeant Victory, British, Military 5187
Walter George ENNEVER Honourable Artillery Company 625241 Driver Victory, British 3517
Arthur B ENNIFER Lincolnshire Regiment 10773 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 3689
Fred ENNIFER 18th Hussars, Machine Gun Corps, 11th Royal Canadian Regiment 20657, 41372 Lance Corporal Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 3694
John W B ENNIFER Tank Corps 307008 Private Victory, British 3692
George B ENNEVOR Middlesex Regiment G/87983 Private Victory, British 5170
Charles Enever HARVEY 24th London Regiment 2120 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 23654
John Enever LAWRENCE Army Service Corps T4/038129 Driver Victory, British, 1914-1915Star
William Enever PUNT East Lancashire Regiment 32415 Private Victory, British 23247
Percival James Enefer WEBSTER 8th Royal West Kent G/2836 Private Victory, British, 1914-1915Star 23676

WO372/24 Mentioned in dispatches

A ENEFER Canadian Railway Troops 487448 Sapper Military 1843
Percy ENEFER Royal Army Corps T/17532 Company QM Sergeant Meritious Service, Silver
Henry Alfred ENEFER Royal Army Medical Corps 433017 Staff Sergeant Victory, British, 1914-1915Star, Silver 4962
J ENEFER Norfolk Regiment 489 Private Territorial Forces
W J ENEVER 9th Bde Royal Field Artillery 56762 Gunner Victory, British, 1914Star, Territorial Forces 3668
R V ENNEVER British West Indies Regiment 3388 Sergeant Victory, British, Military 5187

1914 Star

Instituted in 1917 for service ashore in France and Flanders between 5 August 1914 and 22 November 1914.

In 1919 a clasp bearing the above dates was authorised and given to those individuals who had operated within range of enemy mobile artillery during the above period

1914/15 Star

Authorised in 1918, the 1914/15 Star was awarded to those individuals who saw service in France and Flanders from 23 November 1914 to 31 December 1915, and to those individuals who saw service in any other operational theatre from 5 August 1914 to 31 December 1915.

It was not possible to be awarded both the 1914 Star and 1914/1915 Star

British War Medal

The British War Medal 1914-1920, authorised in 1919, was awarded to eligible service personnel and civilians. Qualification varied slightly according to service. The basic requirement for army personnel and civilians was that they either entered a theatre of war, or rendered approved service overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918. Service in Russia in 1919 and 1920 also qualified for the award.

The Victory Medal

The Victory Medal 1914-1919 was also authorised in 1919 and was awarded to all military civilian personnel who served a theatre of war.

Territorial Force Medal

The Territorial Force War Medal 1914-1919 was awarded to members of the British Territorial Force and Territorial Force Nursing Services only. The recipient had to have been a member of the Territorial Force on or prior to 30 September 1914, and to have served in an operational theatre overseas between 5 August 1914 and 11 November 1918.

The Silver War Badge

The Silver War Badge, (sometimes called the Silver Wound Badge), was authorised in September 1916. The badge was awarded to all of those military personnel who were discharged as a result of sickness or wounds contracted or received during the war, either at home or overseas.

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