Chancery proceedings, Prerogative Court of Canterbury, Court of Requests, Special Commissions in the Exchequer, Exchequer Depositions by Commission

1504-1515 C1/327/36 Agnes JENYVER, widow, v. John PRIOUR and Robert RELAY, detention of deeds relating to a messuage in Burford, Oxford
1568-1569 WARD 7/11/101 William JUNIPER, Wiltshire
1575 D/Fa T48/3 & 4 William ENNEVER & John ENNEVER dispute over land at Much Easton
1588 E134/30Eliz/East12 William Baskervile and JENYVER his wife v. John STOCK, rectory or parsonage of Colleshill, Berkshire
1595 STAC 5/M55/19 Matthew & JUNIPER v. Crane
1595 C2 Eliz/I1/70 Thomas ENNIVER of Chalk, Kent
1600's C 2 JamI/A13/19 Francis AlSOPPE/ALSAPPE/ALSOP v. Thomas JUNIVER/INNIVER
1605-1606 E115/223/32 Thomas INIVER of Kent
1610 REQ2/412/145 Richard WRIGHT of South Weald v. Thomas LEA of Greenstead & Thomas ENNEVER of New Inn & Ellen Lea his wife
1616 C2 JamI/E5/1 John ENYVER the younger of Broxted son of John ENYVER of Much Easton
1617 ASS/35/59/1 William REYNOLDS of Thaxted burgled the house of John ENYVER of Thaxted
1618 D/DHt T97/3 John ENYVER of London, son of Lionel ENYVER late of Great Tey
1625-1626 E115/230/61 John JENNIFER, Middlesex
1626 C2 Chas1/B19/45 Mathew BRADBURY late of Wickenhall & Thomas NORTON late of London v. George INOVER of Wicken Bonhunt
1627 C21 C28/20 Edmond CROW & Ann his wife v. John ENNEFER
1630 C2 Chas1/W89/8 Alexander WATSON v. John ENEVER
1633 C2 Chas1/I25/55 John INNYVER of North Weald Bassett v. Barnard
1637 C142/545/72 John ENNIVER of Much Easton, Essex
1637 Ward 7/90/155 John ENNIVER of Essex
1637 C142/545/72 John ENNIVER, messuage called Wolseys in Great Easton
1640 C2 Chas/S52/17 SIBTHORPE v. John JUNIVER of Much Easton
1642-1660 PRO 11/9/101 Inventory of Thomas INEVER of Great Mongeham, Kent
1650 C3/466/69 Robert WARREN v. Jacob JUNYVER (JUNYPER/JUNIVER), Hertford
1649 C5/5/91 HASTINGS v. JUNIPER, Dorset
1657 C10/45/76 IRONS & SPENCER v. HEYWOOD & JUNIPER, Middlesex
1662 C10/98/73 JUNIPER v. VINER & DAMES, Middlesex
1663 E 115/134/34 Thomas ENNIVER or ENYVER of Much Easton, Essex
1666 Prob 4/13748 Rowland JENEFER of St Martin in the Fields, Middlesex
1669 C8/181/63 Francis ENYVER of Great Dunmow
1676 Prob 4/4741 John ENIVER, Citizen and Baker of St. Sepulchre, London. Inventory
1677 C8/227/107 Anne ENIVER, widow v. William ENIVER
1677 Prob 4/15054 Captain James JENNIFER of Deptford, Kent
1678 C7/536/19 Hannah ENIVER of London v. John Eames of London
1682 C5/80/65 Francis BUTTERFIELD of Islington v. Mary ENNEVER, late of Islington, Middlesex
1683 Prob 4/21381 Plover, Captain INNEFER of St Paul, Shadwell, Middlesex
1690 C9/298/44 Edward ENNYVER of Greenstead v. Thomas ENNYVER aged under 21
1693 C5/303/31 Edward ENNYVER of Greenstead v. Thomas ENNYVER, Essex
1708 C9/308/46 Edward ENNYVER of Greenstead v. Charles HOUBLON of London
1726 C11/64/13 William, John, Richard, Ann & Lionel children of George ENNEVER of Loughton v. Samuel ROBINSON
1731 C11/89/15 JUNIPER v. BOTTING
1733 C11/2438 BURCHETT v. ENEVER
1735 E134/51 5 & 6 John ENNEVER v. Sarah AMCOTTS
1737 C11/698/9 John BARNARD of Braintree v. Susan ENIVER late of Stebbing
1739 C11/1298/11 GRATWICK v. JUNIPER
1739 C11/856/34 James WELLS of Stanford River v. Edward INNEVER of Greenstead
1740 C11/1375/2 & 3 GRATWICK v. JUNIPER
1745 C11/165/9 John FAIRLANDS of Amwell, Herts v. Robert son of Robert ENEVER of Broxted
1753 C12/864/22 Thomas ORGER of Hertford v. Robert ENEVER late of Broxted
1759 C12/835/3 Joseph ENNEVER & Mary his wife of Theydon Garnon v. Thomas TEADER/READER
1823 Prob 37/502 HOPKINS v. Elizabeth ENEVER nee DEAN formerly of Cole Green, Hertingfordbury, Herts & others
1841 C107/165 OTTER v. BARROWCLIFFE, Deeds etc, relating to property in Lincoln, Will of Joseph GENEVER of Stow Park, Lincolnshire
1847 Prob 37/1451 WISE v. LUGG Testator or Intestate, LUGG, JENEFER of Penryn, Cornwall, spinster
1945-1951 J 84/211 ENNEVER v. REID

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