The Town of Henefer

James and William Hennefer were born in Worcestershire, England, About 1848 they emigrated to American, initially going to Iowa. They joined the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and in 1853 when Brigham Young asked for young families to start a settlement along the Weber River, they moved to Utah, founding the settlement which was named after them.

James and William started with forty acres on the sage covered flat land, as well as two cows, two pairs of oxen and a supply of seeds. Initially they had to live in the two covered wagons they had used to convey their meagre belongings on the long journey as well as affording them some protection against the local Indians. Once the first cabin was built, both families were able to use it until a second cabin could be built.

Originally the town was called Henneferville then late Hennefer, finally changing to Henefer due to the confusion for the post office when letters arrived with just the word Hennefer written on them thus the post office was were unable to tell if the letter was intended for the family or the town. The town now forms part of Salt Lake City, situated in the county of Summit, in the state of Utah in America. The last Hennefer who lived in the town died in 1912

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