Dated February 6th 1752

Which day appeared personally Mary Ennever (the wife of John Ennever) and being sworn upon the Holy Evangelists to depose the truth did swear and depose as followeth (to wit) that over since the month of August 1750 she this deposant has lived separate and apart from her husband being afraid of her life to live with hum by reason of his cruel usage to her and she deposes that then she went from him she had only her clothes on her back besides

all of which were her this deponent wearing apparrel and which were by her left in the custody of her said husband whom she separated from him and she also deposes that ever since she has lived separately and apart from her said husband she has not received any money from him toward her maintenance or from any person by his order and has been obliged to beg brother and other friends for her subsistence. Mary Ennever

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